BOOM // Soom T & Monkey Marc

Bullets Over Babylon 2015

Are we all working as slaves to the masters in debt to a bunch of thieving bastards?
Those who would price on our water
Who enslave all children & mothers of Rastas

We will rise to the challenge
Become the saviours
To the minds trapped chasing the paper
What you gonna do when you lose your mind?
Paper won’t save ya when you meeting ya maker

Do you want to do what the higher man says? 
Do you wanna be shown how to live the right way?
Do you wanna spend every day working like a slave when the man take it all coz that work never pay?
Do you wanna rip that diamond out the dirt?
Are you gonna rise high with your eyes wide shut?
Do you wanna live a little before ya life’s up?
Ain’t it about time you found out what’s up?


I want to light that match and make it all go boom
What a rush, get the spark in the gas tank soon
Burn down the banks - when they offer credit, no thanks
You can take it back - light that match and make it go boom

Let it cut deep like a machete in the palm of ya hand making marks into the depths where you stand
A lone man can demand to be found in a land by the truth that will seek until he understands
Hidden hands always find blind mice to replace
So forget the pointless chase, yeah, and mash up the place

When you step up alone because you’re sick of all the violence
Politicians lying about taking blood diamonds
Build Babylon then set it on fire
Bring down the empire, march into Zion

All man and woman wake from sedatives
Given by puppet masters, the pullers of strings
When a poor bird sing about breaking the din
Open the door and let the people in. 


When we search inside the mind of every Rasta
We find the Lord’s truth in every sonata
That strikes a light like the police hitting you with a bat yah
But you can never beat down the Lord’s sons and daughters

Don’t let the vultures in charge incite us
Getting up inside us, though they all deride us, trying to divide us
Hail to the highest, finding your own guidance
With the universal truth which raises up all the righteous

When the education system is wrecking all your sanity
By not providing representation of all humanity
Deny us a soul by not teaching us spirituality
This is the normality, not dumb vanities

Preaching us no fallacy, moulding personalities
When not teach us to stop children chasing all depravity
To question immorality that they see on TV, 
Asking why do they teach apathy?
See the anomalies.


From Bullets Over Babyon (Renegade Masters 2015).