gorilla solar studio

( Melbourne, Australia )

E-mu SP-1200 drum machine, Gorilla Solar Studio.

E-mu SP-1200 drum machine, Gorilla Solar Studio.

Gorilla Solar Studio is a fully off-grid solar-powered recording studio. Built in a converted shipping container, the studio is powered by a solar- and wind-powered trailer.

Building the solar studio was one of Monkey's long-time dreams. He has been a strong believer in alternative energy since the late 1990s, and spent many years travelling around Australia in his vegetable oil-powered van with MC Izzy Brown and the Labrats Solar Sound System. After recording his first official release in the Labrats solar caravan in the Australian desert, he pooled together his resources and knowledge and built a fully self-contained and self-powered recording studio in early 2009.

The aim of the recording studio is to have close to zero environmental impact. It was built mainly with recycled materials: a basketball court for the flooring and tables, a vintage BBC recording console and classic electronic music equipment for production. The studio is fully transportable.

The solar- and wind-powered trailer is fitted with an array of solar panels, a wind generator and batteries. The trailer provides around 1500 watts of power by storing energy harvested from the sun and wind into a large 24 volt battery set-up housed inside the trailer. It is able to power the studio around five days of the week. The trailer is also used to power the solar-powered sound system.

The studio is available for hire on a project by project basis. 

Get in touch if you're interested in:

  • warming up your digital mixes through the analog mixing desk
  • vocal recording
  • mixing
  • mastering


  • Calrec analog console
  • RADAR 24 recorder
  • Various synthesizers and drum machines
  • Focal Twin6 Be speakers
  • Microphones


( Bindarri interview )

This 2011 interview with Monkey Marc by Bindarri magazine discusses the solar studio set up, the solar trailer and the development of the solar sound system. Monkey also talks about his passion for social change and his work on remote indigenous community projects.

Bindarri is an online magazine focusing on Australian creatives who are working for positive social and environmental change.