Monkey Marc, Richard Allen, Phil Boutle, DIY Hi Fi Sound System.

Monkey Marc, Richard Allen, Phil Boutle, DIY Hi Fi Sound System.

Monkey Marc is a co-founder of one of Australia’s largest solar and wind-powered sound systems. It is a fully off-grid, full range sound system, designed to produce the best sound for the least power.

In an era where global warming is a major issue for the planet and fossil fuels rule the roost, DIY Hi Fi saw an important need to provide an alternative energy-based sound system. Partying and celebrating only by using the power of the wind and the sun sounds and feels better.

Monkey Marc's solar and wind-powered trailer powers the entire sound system. Both are available for hire.

( About )

DIY Hi Fi Sound System was hand-built by Richard Allen, Monkey Marc and Phil Boutle. The three had many years working with solar sound systems in the past, with Monkey Marc's Labrats Solar Sound System, Richard Allen's Magic Solar Playground and Phil Boutle's UK sound system experience, and collaborated to form DIY Hi Fi.

Phil Boutle has been a full-time sound engineer for over 20 years, and provides the ideas and sound know-how. Richie Allen provides the engineering expertise to turn the ideas into wooden and metal reality. Monkey Marc provides solar skills and audio knowledge to make sure the system provides maximum bass at all volumes.

Solar and wind powered trailer, DIY Hi Fi Sound System.

Solar and wind powered trailer, DIY Hi Fi Sound System.

DIY Hi Fi uses uniquely designed speakers providing a clear full-range sound with maximum efficiency. Inspired by Tom Danley's (Danley Sound Labs Ltd) innovative designs, it uses 4 x Unity style horn mid/tops and 4 x SS15 tapped horn subs. Big barn doors on the subs increase the efficiency even more. Full Fat Audio, C-Audio and Behringer Class D / AB SMPS amps offer the best output vs power ratio, and of course, sound quality.

The sound system has played at festivals such as Rainbow Serpent and Let Them Eat Cake. It has also travelled and played in remote areas such as the Lizards Revenge Festival in the desert, and has featured at many events across Melbourne. The DIY Hi Fi Sound System also regularly follows Monkey Marc and Combat Wombat shows to provide the sound.

( Trailer )

The solar- and wind-powered trailer is fitted with an array of solar panels, a wind generator and batteries. The trailer provides around 1500 watts of power by storing energy harvested from the sun and wind into a large 24 volt battery set-up housed inside the trailer. It is able to power the studio around five days of the week. The trailer is also used to power the solar-powered sound system.