rasta bwoy

Hi dancers!

We're giving back to the dance community by giving selected dancers a dancehall track to use copyright free on Youtube. This means you can make a video, upload it to YouTube,  monetise it and keep the ad revenue for yourself. 

The song is a new dancehall track called 'Rasta Bwoy' by Monkey Marc featuring Jamaican artist Fyah Roiall (pronounced Royal). The track will be released on Uncommon Records (part of The Common, Glastonbury Festival's favourite late night area). The video above is of an instrumental demo. Contact us to hear the full song.

 If you're interested, this is the deal:

1. You have to contact us first so that we can sign you up and start the process. 

2. You need to have your own YouTube channel, or a YouTube channel where you can upload and edit the video, and collect the ad revenue.

3. You need to release the video AFTER the release of our official music video (date to be confirmed, around late April 2018). After we release our music video, we will send you a signed letter saying that we waive the copyright for this song on your YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels. You should be able to submit this letter if the audio gets flagged. You can also file a dispute on YouTube, and we will accept the dispute.

4. We will make a custom audio track for every dancer or dance crew who agrees to work with us. The artist Fyah Roiall will record a custom intro for you or your crew, and we'll send you this track to use. We'll only remove copyright for videos that use these customised versions of the audio.

Feel free to email Kim at mgmt@monkeymarc.org or on Whatsapp +61 424 598 895. 

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Whatsapp + 61 424 598 895
mgmt [at] monkeymarc.org